• Essential Cleaner™ Lemongrass

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      A special blend of essential oils and natural cleaning agents to dissolve dirt and kill bacteria with a crisp citrus scent.

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    Our Essential Cleaner™ Fresh Lemongrass is a powerful blend of all-natural ingredients, put together for one reason – CLEAN!  This crisp, bright-smelling formula will dissolve dirt, kill bacteria and leave your home smelling fresh.  For those of us that aren’t “natural-born cleaners,” you’ll want to use this just because it will even make you happy!  Yup, those amazing essential oils that kill bacteria, fight fungus and other nasty things, are also wonderful mood enhancers.  Our EC motto?  Get healthy and happy!

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    5.00 out of 5

    2 reviews for Essential Cleaner™ Lemongrass

    1. 5 out of 5


      Fantastic product, and thank YOU! I went home and cleaned by dining room table (which, after 3 boys, has seen better days) and it was glowing! Of course, then I was watching the kids like a hawk so they didn’t set any of their junk back on there! Also cleaned my smooth top stove, which had a bunch of burned-on crud and it ALL came off with very little elbow grease and just an old rag (no abrasives)!

    2. 5 out of 5


      WOW, I just discovered a great way to utilize this product for even deep scrubbing applications! It’s now the BEST cleaner I have ever used to scrub my shower! The bottom of my shower collects so much grime because it’s textured. BUT, I found a great solution. Spritz on enough of essential cleaner to lightly coat the bottom of the tub. Sprinkle on baking soda, and then the also sprinkle on coarse kosher salt! (It’s nice and abrasive!) Use your brush to lightly scrub, and it’s amazing how quickly the grime comes up. I had previously thought harsh chemicals were the only way, but truly, this combo works WAY better, hands down. In addition to the cleaner, the salt is also naturally a disinfectant, so it’s pretty amazing. I am in awe at how well this did. Didn’t think a natural product could hold up to my tub, but it did!

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